The Community Outreach Committee is a team of passionate parishioners who are constantly striving to develop Parish events and opportunities to engage the greater Village community. Our committee is focused upon ensuring the Parish and community is able to receive communications through social, written, and other traditional channels to be kept involved in the activities of the Parish. We develop a monthly parish newsletter, ensure we have coordinated parish calendar, and coordinate Father Walter's spiritual message through all available communication and media channels. The committee is also focused on building a strong community and parishioner database that is leveraged across the parish.
The Finance Committee provides guidance, recommendations and stewardship to the Parish and it's financial position and requirements. We have monthly meetings to review the Parish's current and future challenges and opportunities. If you are interested please contact Chairman Scott Evans to get involved:
The Fundraising Committee is primarily focused on developing events and engagements that enhance the stewardship and solvency of the Parish. This includes specific events: yardsales, outreach programs, school coordinated opportunities as well as promoting the ongoing donations campaigns through direct and electronic (PayPal, ParishPay) methods. Fundraising and donations enable the Parish to provide specific funds to support the ongoing maintenance and renovation projects of the beautiful Our Lady of Pompeii Church.
Our Music Ministry is enabled by our historic and rare Kilgen organ. The original organ in the present church was built in 1928 by Geo. Kilgen & Son of St. Louis. Kilgen installed the organ in two sections, one on either side of the gallery windows. This organ has been enlarged over the years but is need of restoration. Please contact us if you would like to inquire about our special Kilgen organ.
Liturgy Committee
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Our Lady of Pompeii is home to a vibrant and welcoming music ministry offering ensembles of all ages, styles, and ethnicities providing music for masses and important religious celebrations. Our goal is to give praise to God through the preparation and presentation of music to the best quality possible to enliven the soul and keep us invigorated with faith while bringing us deeper into prayer. We are always looking for new people to bring into the ministry. For more information contact Director of Music Leon Gruenbaum at