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The Shrine Church of Our Lady of Pompeii parish has been serving the community of Greenwich Village since 1892. With the tireless dedication of the Scalabrini Fathers, Our Lady of Pompeii has played a pivotal role in the History of Italian - American immigration in New York City, as well as throughout the United States. Our Lady of Pompeii's heritage of helping immigrants to assimilate here in the United States continues even to this day among a new generation of families comprised of diverse cultural backgrounds. Pompeii prides itself on supporting the cultural needs of Americans, Brazilians, Italians, and Filipinos as the Church celebrates masses in English, Portuguese, Italian, and Tagalog.

With your help and engagement, Our Lady of Pompeii will continue to have a lasting positive impact on supporting the spiritual needs of the Greenwich Village community and the immigration experience for years to come!